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A Sparge Bag On The Washing Line

When her husband retires, Julia Thorley starts to keep a diary for her own amusement. She doesn’t tell Clive, in case he starts to do daft things on purpose. She needn’t have worried.

This is the record of that first year, a period of transition for both of them, bringing laughter, irritation, frustration and negotiation as they find a new way to live together. Thank heaven for the allotment.

A Sparge Bag on the Washing Line is published by 3P Publishing and as an ebook.

Stripped-back Yoga is not a book on how to do yoga. Long-time yoga teacher Julia Thorley has collected her thoughts on what she has learned on her mat. Some of the pieces are about practical aspects of yoga and others are a bit ranty, because there’s a lot about the modern yoga world that rubs her fur the wrong way. Her opinions are not always humble and may well make you cross, but some should raise a smile and might give you pause for thought. Take a comfy seat – it doesn’t have to be in the Lotus position – and make up your own mind.

Stripped-back Yoga is available direct from 3P Publishing here  and as an ebook.

Nine Lives: monologues and first-person stories for

reading aloud

Meet the cast: a no-nonsense woman in her 60s who has a brush with authority; a down-at-heel private eye; a weary young mother from times past; a Victorian businessman afraid of progress; an Edwardian woman with her heart set on romance; a young man struggling with life; a teenage girl badly let down; a very special make-up artist; and a young mum who gets the last laugh. Each has a story to tell.

Nine Lives is available as an ebook.

Tasting Strangers is a collection of light-hearted short stories in which we have a series of characters drawn together by circumstance as much as choice. Make their acquaintance as they touch, connect and then move on, maybe together and maybe in opposite directions. There is love and laughter, challenge and realisation, as connections are forged and broken, romances blossom, decisions are made and lives changed.

Order your copy here.

20 November 2021

Moulton Literary Festival

Moulton, Northampton

15 December 2021

Creative Writing at Christmas

Weldon & Priors Hall U3A

12-19 August 2022

Foxes' Retreat Festival of Writing